The Robbs & Gabriel Family – Cream Of The Crop for Beauty

The company began as a wholesaler of skincare products which later branched into makeup, beauty tools, haircare, perfumes and many other product range. For the past 35 years, Robbs & Gabriel has supplied these products to over 68 countries in the world. With a huge portfolio and long running of her service to the world, Robbs & Gabriel decided to take it out to direct retail by launching! Robbs & Gabriel is located in Singapore, one of the world’s largest entrepot which further favours the possibility of serving the World with her extensive range of products. That’s right, our products are direct from the wholesaler warehouse!



Establishing honest and lasting relationships with our customers, staff and partners

Honesty is in our blood, and that is why we are able to establish strong and lasting relationships with our customers, staff and partners.

An integral part to an honest and lasting relationship is communication. We have several open channels that you can contact us (by Phone or Email, and Facebook) and we always reply within the next working day. This also happens internally within our company, fortunately 🙂 Within the company, communications are perfected through honest conversations to cultivate a cohesive corporate culture. Our ties with customers, staff and partners therefore strengthened because we grew to become friends 🙂

Whatever things we do we make sure we are happy, so that you are happy too 😀

How do we do that? Simple, hire the right people! At Robbs & Gabriel, we only hire dedicated, high-spirited people who believes in our intrinsic values to channel the love back to you. Everything we do, we do with pure dedication so that we can create a happy shopping experience for you.

Move fast and keep the energy high

Life is to energy and company is to.. energy too, of course! Companies that are able to live perpetually for decades, or even centuries are largely attributed to their energy levels. At Robbs & Gabriel, we are filled with young and vibrant colleagues who constantly brings vibes into the team! The same end product is apparent at the quick deliveries and responses our friends (see above for definition) enjoy.

Innovate to Lead

We aspire to innovate at different stages in the business to bring out the best in ourselves. We embrace changes and are always looking for innovations that could create a better experience for our friends.


Profesisonalism is not a standalone word. Professionalism is a value cultivated and made possible because of all the other values that we believe and practise. Professionalism is a consensus that all our staff share in order to provide our friends with the utmost shopping experience.

And a quick summary of our values, we promise the following:

Authenticity Guaranteed

First of all, we want our customers to be confident in our products. Putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, we would want to receive authentic products regardless of how much we have paid online. Hence, we ensure that all our products are verified authentic and fresh before we dispatch them to you.

Delivery Guaranteed

Like every shopper, we would want to receive our orders as quickly as possible after making payment. At Robbs & Gabriel, we understand the value of time and hence, we ensure that all deliveries are carried out safely, efficiently and promptly to your doorstep. We dispatch all orders within 1 working day and have them tracked and accounted for.

Product Guaranteed

Our products include our website and merchandises available in our shop. At Robbs & Gabriel, we want to provide you with a shopping experience that is EASY and FUN. All our pages are designed for easy navigation. Lastly, we ensure that all our merchandises are in their best conditions before we dispatch them. All our products are wrapped securely to ensure minimal damages.

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